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2022 Membership Drive

Your referral is our greatest tool!

 We are hosting our annual Membership Drive competition. The purpose of the Drive is to help stabilize and grow NEFBA's membership. Below you will find everything you need to know about how to play and get involved. For questions, please contact Hallie Stadvec at hstadvec@nefba.com.

Recruiting Period Open Until June 15th


Rules & Scoring

  • Members - Pick a team to join
  • You may have as many team members as you want. In order to be a part of the winning team, you must have at least 5 individual points.

Recruiting Points

  • Builder/ Developer Membership - 3 points
  • Associate Membership - 2 points
  • Affiliate/Paid Council Membership - 1 point

Bonus Points
(Only awarded for the initial post or action)

  • Membership Drive Sponsorship - 3 Points
  • Member testimonial video on social media - 2 Points per team member
  • Attendance at Call-a-Thon - 2 Points per team member
  • Social Media Post During Drive - 1 Point available for each individual team member
  • Spike Rolodex w/ 10 names submitted to NEFBA prior to the Call-a-Thon - 1 point available for each individual team member

What to Expect

  • We will be hosting a Call-a-Thon on June 1st at the NEFBA office. Lunch will be provided and there will be chances to win prizes!
  • The winners will be announced after the conclusion of the Drive at the New Member Welcome Party on June 16th. Prizes will be awarded for the highest scoring team,  top three individual recruiters, most builders, associates, and affiliates recruited as well as most CBRC, SMC and PWB members recruited.
  • Each new member recruited will earn you a raffle ticket to our GRAND PRIZE TABLE!
Membership Drive Prizes

Membership Drive Teams & Scoring!

Contact Hallie Stadvec at hstadvec@nefba.com to join a team.
Scoring as of 6/7

Past Presidents
Keith Ward - Co-Captain
Doug Wenzel - Co-Captain
Jessie Spradley - NEFBA
Nate Day
Curtis Hart
Mike Atzert
Harlan Bost
Chris Dostie
Larry Wittmer
Lars Nielsen
Beth Breeding
Bill Schaefer

Custom Builders & Remodelers
Scott Brannock - Co-Captain
Ian MacDonald - Co-Captain
Corey Hacker - NEFBA
Tim Deck
Jillian Klein
Michael Lenahen
Jim LeFevre

AJ Beson - Co-Captain
Chris Wood - Co-Captain
Hallie Stadvec - NEFBA
Joe Blanco
Chuck Bolen
Matt Devereaux
Steve Merten
Jonathan Parrott
Brian Roske
Spencer Calvert
Maurice Rudolph
Michele Lamarsh
Cal Heseman
John Rogers
Ramon Day
JR Shiver

Government Affairs
Josh Garrison - Co-Captain
Meagan Perkins - Co-Captain
Austin Nicklas - NEFBA
Tim Adkinson
John Forbess
Chris Hagan
Charles Jimerson
Jim McDade
Nicole Padgett
Bob Porter
Howard Sheffield
Brad Weeber
Hawley Smith
John Gislason

Total Team Points: 88

Total Team Points: 8

Total Team Points: 34

Total Team Points: 20

Tim Conlan - Captain
Christina Thomas - NEFBA
Matt Carlton
Steve Glover

Builders Care
Gene Rover - Co-Captain
Chris Shee - Co-Captain
Krissy Barkas - NEFBA
Sherry Davidson

Clay Builders Council
Chris Dougherty - Co-Captain
Mike Bianchi - Co-Captain
Shelia Crocker - NEFBA

Jackie Rowland - Co-Captain
John Ellis - Co-Captain
Austin Nicklas - NEFBA
Tyler Ratay
Kinsley Hill
Peter Joseph
Samantha McGill

Total Team Points: 29

Total Team Points: 5

Total Team Points: 2

Total Team Points: 16

St. Johns Builders Council
Seth Kelly - Co-Captain

Rhonda Taylor - Co-Captain
Shelia Crocker - NEFBA
Tyler Fugitt
Zach Scott
Jamie Warrington

Nassau Builders Council
Matt Meskimen - Co-Captain
Steve Johnson - Co-Captain
Shelia Crocker - NEFBA

Professional Women in Building
Mindy Lepp - Co-Captain
David Hacker - Co-Captain
Corey Hacker - NEFBA
Elyse Parks
Joanna Mulhall
Julie Schafer
Jacqueline Reed
Nicole Pare
Denise Wallace

Sales & Marketing Council
Janie Anderson - Co-Captain
Judy Hicks - Co-Captain
Mary Larkin - NEFBA
Ron Harris
Linda Hutchins
Brad King
Katrina Watkins
Christina Welch
Marisa Shirley

Total Team Points: 16

Total Team Points: 2

Total Team Points: 19

Total Team Points: 26

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