Veteran and Victim of Contractor Fraud Now Getting Help from NEFBA

Read Full Article: GRAND PARK, Fla. – Roosevelt Royals, an 88 year-old veteran says he was conned out of thousands of dollars several years ago. He tells Action News Jax he was promised a quality roof for his home of 47 years. Now his home is falling into disrepair.

“I’ll be here until the Lord comes,” Roosevelt said.

“My immediate reaction was I had been taken,” Royals said.

The Northeast Florida Builder’s Association (NEFBA) is working to restore the homes and lives of victims of contractor fraud in Jacksonville. Their charity — Builders Care — searched for months for someone to give a new roof.

Royals became that person. NEFBA’s Remodelers’ Council decided to do more than right the wrongs of his previous contractor.

“We can’t stop with replacing a roof if the damage to the inside has now effected the lifestyle of the homeowner,” said Michael Lenahen, of the NEFBA Remodelers Council.

They plan to remodel his home from the inside out. NEFBA aims to replace dry wall, paint, get rid of the mold, and renovate his bathrooms. His home will even get a facelift, with pressure washing and shrub trimming. They’re planning to go beyond the call for a man of service.

“He told me things that he was going to do beyond what I expected and here we are at this point,” said Royals.

Now, in a matter of weeks he can expect a renovated home, free of charge. Presently, there is no estimated total for the cost of repairs.

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